Giovio SM520 - frontispiece
Giovio SM520 - frontispiece

Editorial information
Paolo Giovio's Dialogo delle imprese is the work which gave origin to the rich tradition of Italian treatises and dialogues on the impresa.
It first appeared in printed form, alone and unillustrated, in 1555, three years after its author's death, soon followed, in 1556, by two distinct editions issued by Ludovico Domenichi and Girolamo Ruscelli, who joined their respective works, a Ragionamento and a Discorso "on the same subject", to the original Dialogo. After the first illustrated printed version, published by Domenichi in 1559, another important chapter of Giovio's fortune was the edition by Gabriello Simeoni (1559), with further imprese and verses. Circulating together with Giovio's treatise, all these works substantially contributed to its great fortune. Further Italian editions and many translations in other languages appeared in the following years.

Digitised edition
Main author: Giovio, Paolo (1483-1552)
Other authors: Domenichi, Ludovico (1515-1564); Simeoni, Gabriele (1509-1576?)
Abbr. title: Dialogo dell'imprese
Pub. place: Lyon
Pub. Date: 1574
Location: Glasgow University Library, Stirling Maxwell Sp Coll S.M. 520

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Full title and details
DIALOGO | DELL'IMPRE- | SE MILITARI ET | AMOROSE | Di Monsignor Giouio Vescouo di Nocera; | Et del S. Gabriel Symeoni Fiorentino. | Con vn ragionamento di M. Loduico Do- | menichi,nel medesimo soggetto. | Con la Tauola. | (Typographic mark: IN VIRTUTE ET FORTUNA | IN LYONE, | Appresso Guglielmo Rouillio. | 1574.

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