Pittoni SM1765 - frontispiece
Pittoni SM1765 - frontispiece

Editorial information
This beautifully illustrated book was the result of the combined abilities of the painter and engraver Pittoni and the prolific writer Lodovico Dolce. Pittoni's pictures, accompanied with Dolce's poems, form a compound which is half-way between the traditional bipartite structure of the impresa and the tripartite model of Alciato's emblems. Pittoni and Dolce published other impresa books; the Imprese of 1566 could be read as a complement to the Imprese of 1568, also part of this digitised corpus.

Digitised edition
Main author: Pittoni, Giovanni Battista (1520-1583)
Other authors: Dolce, Lodovico (1508-1568)
Abbr. title: Imprese II
Pub. place: Venezia
Pub. Date: 1568
Location: Glasgow University Library, Stirling Maxwell Sp Coll S.M. 1765

Facsimiles: fully available (post-processing in progress)
Transcribed texts: fully available
Iconclass encoding: in progress
Translations: in progress
Notes: in progress
Current version: rev. 1

Full title and details
Di Battista Pittoni | Pittore Vicentino | Ano. .M.D.LXVII | IMPRESE DI DIVERSI PRE= | NCIPI, DUCHI, SIGNORI E | D'ALTRI PERSONAGGI | ET HVUOMINI LETTERATI | ET ILLVSTRI. | Con priuilegio di Venetia per | Anni XV. | Con alcune stanze del Dolce che | dichiarano i motti di esse imprese.
50 leaves; 4to

Essential bibliographical references on this edition
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